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We love discounts and share them with you

The purpose of the project is to relieve the burden on companies to provide employee benefits. We enable even small companies to offer discounts to their employees.

Our main advantages:

  • We do not charge any fees from our Partners.
  • We do not charge any fees from company employees.
  • Our Partner Base grows day by day.

Benefits LLC is a magic wand for every company that knows what it's like to update an employee discount program. Most pleasing is the integration of Partner updates in the corporate Slack: the system does it automatically, thereby saving your resources, for Benefits LLC genuinely has a whole lot of Partners and discounts!

Lera Lavnik  -  Altoros

G-Core Labs

Benefits has a handy catalogue of establishments where you can get a discount and produces significant savings. You can save up to 10 rubles on one delivery of sushi. I am planning to start using a gym membership discount soon as well.

Bogdan Kurnosov  -  G-Core Labs


Benefits has a large and convenient catalogue of establishments, where you can find almost any service. We are actively using all available offers and discounts. The Partner Base is constantly growing and expanding, and it is always nice to see that the usual goods and services can be purchased at a discount.

Olga Borisevich  -  69pixels


Thanks a lot to Benefits LLC! Benefits helped us to simplify and automate the discount program in our company. We have received only positive feedback from our team and they enjoy this service thoroughly.

Tatiana Patuk  -  Touchlane


Thanks to the Benefits LLC team for the useful discount service. This is a must-have for everyone seeking to avoid overpaying for goods and services. Once you've got a product or service in mind, you can go to a convenient website, which contains all the necessary information about available discounts by category. The remarkable thing is that the Benefits LLC team consistently works on expanding its Partner Base and updates our team about new offers weekly, which is good news! So it is simply impossible NOT to save with Benefits LLC :)

Darya  -  IGG

  • Your company is registered with Benefits.
  • All company employees get access to the discount program through the Benefits personal account.
  • Your company can connect personal discounts and Partners for its employees.
  • 30+ Cafes
  • 50+ Markets
  • 70+ Leisure
  • 30+ Technique

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Completing and submitting this form is consent to the processing of personal data indicated in the form. You can read Privacy Policy